Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) refers to the fighting techniques of European origin. The curriculum at Tosetti Institute of MMA and Fitness is based on the historical texts and documents of the fighting styles of the prominent medieval and Renaissance masters of German Longsword and Italian Sidesword. 

German Longsword

The longsword, sometimes referred to as a hand and a half sword or bastard sword, is a two handed weapon that is light enough to be used with one hand. Dating from the medieval and early Renaissance period, the longsword was common amongst all the cultures of Europe.

We teach the German style of longsword techniques based on the system of Johannes Liechtenauer. The weapon is varied and complete using cutting, thrusting, striking, and grappling techniques.  

Beginners are welcome!

The first hour of class focuses on drills related to building concepts, techniques and practical applications. In the second hour the more experienced students drill and spar with more equipment and a higher level of intensity.