Club Fed


Club Fed

Putting Sanity & Enjoyment Back Into Eating

Club Fed was officially launched on January 2nd as a component of our MMA Fitness program.  It was designed to help our students find balance and enjoyment with food, while working toward their health goals.   

The Club Fed program focuses on: 

  • Getting back to eating Real Food

  • Defining what types of food your particular body thrives on and which ones make you run down

  • Expanding the variety of foods you consume rather than contracting them

  • The Power of Plating

  • Timing meals to decrease HANGRY situations

  • Choosing indulgences

  • An in-person and online community to help reinforce new eating habits

  • Combining new eating habits with workouts to achieve your goals efficiently and sustainability

Club Fed is a free program for Tosetti Institute students.  If you are not a student and would like to become one, click here or call 650-212-2323 and take advantage of our one week free trial!