Success at Longpoint!


A Message from Coach Paul:

Last week I took a team of five of our students to Longpoint, the premiere HEMA tournament in the U.S.

Everyone on the team did AMAZING!

The format of the tournament was very different than other events. The competitors had to compete in Triathlons or Pentathlons – exhibiting multiple skill sets to place.

The events our team competed in were – Messer, Longsword, Wrestling, Cutting with both Messer and Longsword and also Forms.

While there was no winner for one particular event, we want to acknowledge how our team did with Stacy Stocki placing 5th in Cutting out of 79 people. Ryan Well took 13th and Jan Deneke took 16th in Cutting.

Sierra Cirimelli-Low, Robert Templar and Ryan participated in Ringen (wrestling). This was a new event for Sierra and Robert as students. They all did incredibly well. Sierra was the only woman in her weight class and did an absolutely outstanding job while Robert and Ryan both had multiple epic matches.

In the Longsword Triathlon, Jan placed 9th out of 35 fighters and Stacy placed 19th.

In the Liechtenauer Pentathlon Light, Ryan placed 8th out of 20 fighters.

In the Messer Triathlon, Sierra placed 11th out of 13 and Robert took 3rd walking away with a medal.

The entire team put in a ton of work and practice and it showed. They should all be extremely proud of their accomplishments. I definitely am.

Also, I want to acknowledge the support and help Kate Templar gave to me and the team throughout the four day event. Thank you Kate!